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Wingly Flight Sharing for pilots

Wingly is a flight sharing platform for pilots.

So what does that mean?

Once you become a pilot of any level from PPL to a full ATPL the law states that you are allowed to share the cost of flights with passengers who are usually friends or family.  There is no requirement to share the cost in any particular percentage.

The law also states you cannot fly for profit, professional photography or advertise flying experiences.  However to post flights which you can share the cost through a site like WINGLY is allowed.

Pilot Currency

Wingly is supported by the CAA due to the fact statically pilots who share flights on WINGLY fly more, that means they are more current which leads to better safety and potentially fewer airspace infringements.


So the concept sounds fantastic, cheaper flying for all.


The concept is fairly new so I shall be giving it a go and reporting back.  In principle, I think it is a great idea.  It is always difficult for pilots to find people to fly with which can make fling lonely once they have finished training and lets no forget any help with the cost of flying is a good thing.

What WINGLY is not suitable for is people who want to learn to fly because the idea is to take passengers plus only a school can offer a trial flight which can be logged towards a PPL license.


So below I have  created some shared flights, these are flights which flying schools do not offer because I would not want to affect any flight schools revenue.


I suspect that the people who book through WINGLY would not book a flight directly with a flight school due to cost so it is likely that WINGLY is just opening the opportunity for people to experience flying to a broader spectrum of enthusiast.

It is Simple to Join Wingly 

Enjoy  Wingly and see what it can offer you visit the Wingly website!


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