Airbox RunwayHD is a GPS system which you can use to navigate in flight on most tablets and phones.


I first tried a demo of the system in 2012 and I still use it today.  I have tried other systems including Sky Demon but I find RunwayHD easier to use, cheaper to buy as you do not have to pay for a register for it like SKY demon.


I have used the RunnwayHD all across Europe with students showing them the benefits.  From trips to Ostend, Quiberon, Lelystad, Inverness, Belfast, Cherbourg plus many more.  Where ever I fly with newly qualified students I always show and recommend this platform.


A lot has changed since I first used RunwayHD and they have continually improved the design and features.  I still use it on an Ipad2 without a problem but today you can also use it on Android devices so I shall be loading it up and giving it a try.


I am sure it will work perfectly on any device and it will just be getting used to different devices.


  • Alerts and Warning
  • Airspace
  • Notams
  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Scratchpad
  • Checklists
  • Terrain
  • Flight Loggins
  • Approach Plates
  • Runway Center Lines
  • Side Profiles
  • Route Briefing
  • Routes
  • Airspace

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